Enjoy your chalet for four seasons!

To fully enjoy your leisure time according to your own wishes! XHC has been making exclusive chalets in all shapes and sizes for years. The chalets are unique in their durability and quality. All customer requirements are discussed and applied. Comfort and quality are central at XHC. In addition, XHC ensures that you can also spend your winter in your chalet.


In winter you want the heat to stay inside your chalet and that as little heat as possible is lost. XHC makes extensive use of wood in the chalets, wood has a high insulation value and therefore little heat is lost. Naturally, you do not want to have an energy-wasting chalet in a natural environment. In addition, XHC uses different types of insulation. The customer chooses the insulation with the insulation value that is desirable for her. There is appropriate insulation for all climates. In addition to wood and sustainable insulation, high-quality foil is also placed on the walls and roofs. The most important properties of this foil are that it is water-retaining and vapor-permeable. So you cannot expect moisture and mold spots in your chalet.

Energy efficient

More and more parks are making demands on a chalet. They must be sustainable and environmentally aware. Thanks to the techniques that XHC uses and the continuous innovation, the XHC chalets remain very suitable for the environmentally conscious image. In addition, it is more attractive for potential tenants to rent a chalet that is sustainable. Thanks to the long service life and good quality of the chalets, the payback periods are very positive.

Winter-proof chalets are indispensable. The chalets are becoming more energy efficient and more sustainable. Are you interested or would you like more information? Please contact us. We try to help you as correctly and as soon as possible. You can always request a obligation free quote online.

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